Wet Panel Box

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The Sienna Plein Air Wet Panel Box is the perfect way to 
transport your painting panels to and from your painting location or art class. The box is lightweight, can hold two panel sizes and simple to use. 

The Wet Panel Box can hold four 9×12, 1/8" thick panels back to back or two ¼" panels. 

The included 8×10 adapter allows you to carry two 8×10, 1/8" panels back to back or one 1/4" panel.

Two spring-loaded clasps ensure the boxes stay closed while in your backpack or in your vehicle.

Net weight: 1.7lbs

  • One box can carry both 8×10 and 9×12 panels.
  • Hold four 1/8" panels, back to back.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Fits easily into a backpack or bag.

The Wet Panel Box can carry the following panel configurations.

Four 9×12×1/8" panels

Two 9×12×1/4" panels

Two 9×12×1/8" and two 8×10×1/8" panels

One 9×12×1/4" and one 8×10×1/4" panels

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