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Supply / Palette Box

The Sienna Supply/Palette Box is the latest breakthrough in plein air painting.

Combined with the Sienna Canvas/Panel holder, Sienna Tripod, and Ultimate Plein Air Backpack (sold separately), you have a versatile easy to use traveling studio. 

The Supply /Palette box has a 10" x 12" tempered glass palette, storage compartments for paints and brushes, and folding brush holder accessory trays. 

The Supply/Palette Box is designed to sit on the front legs of the Sienna Tripod and sets up in seconds.


The Supply/Palette Box features a removable 
10” x 12” (25.5 cm x 30.5 cm) tempered glass palette which offers a spacious area for mixing oils and acrylics.

The tempered glass palette can also be replaced with the Sienna Watercolor Palette.

The palette tray slides forward to reveal three large compartments. Two 3 ¾” x 12” (9.5 cm x 30.5cm) compartments can hold a large quantity of paint tubes and other supplies. 
The smaller 2 ½” x 12” (6.5 cm x 30.5 cm) compartment can hold a large assortment of brushes and palette knives. 

Two 6” x 10 ½” (15 cm x 26,5 cm) folding brush holder accessory trays keep all your brushes, brush cleaner, and other supplies within convenient reach. The folding trays also serve as a palette cover to keep your paint protected during transport. 

Two adjustable tripod clamping blocks allow you to adjust the height of the Supply/Palette Box on your tripod.

The Supply/Pallete Box fits perfectly in the new and improved Sienna Ultimate Backpack.

The Supply/Palette Box was designed to work in unison with the Canvas/Panel Holder (sold separately), but it's a great companion to any of the other Sienna Pochade Boxes as well.

The Supply/Palette Box is also the perfect portable tabletop palette for the studio, art class, or workshops. Four rubber bumper feet keep the palette firmly in place while you’re working.


length: 13 ¾” (35 cm)

Width: 14” (35.5 cm)

Depth: 3 ¼” (8.5 cm)

Net Weight: 5.5 lbs

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