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The sienna plein air supply box is designed to work in conjunction with the sienna pochade box and tripod. The supply box has two adjustable blocks that sit on the front two legs of the tripod. Adjusting the blocks raises or lowers the supply box on the tripod for the perfect working height.

The cover unfolds into an accessory shelf to hold a solvent can, brush holes for wet brushes and various other supplies. The storage compartment can easily hold your long handled brushes and eight to ten 40ml tubes of paint, all the essentials for a day of painting.

The supply box also includes a paper towel holder, which can be hung underneath the supply box to hold a standard roll of paper towels.

The supply box keeps all your tools within arms reach and allows you to focus on painting. This indispensable accessory turns your plein air setup into an absolute pleasure to use.


Keeps all the essential supplies in one convenient                box.

Built in brush holes for holding wet brushes.

The perfect work surface for brushes, palette knifes,            solvent can, viewfinder, all within easy reach.

Easy to attach, gravity does all the work, just set it on          the tripod legs.

The pochade box's paper towel holder fits perfectly               under the supply box.


Closed:                      2 x 9 x 14.5                                

Open:                        2 x 15 x 14.5

Brush compartment:   1.5 x 13.5     

Paint compartment:    3.75 x 13.5

Work surface:            5 x 13.5

Net weight:                2.2lbs      


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