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Palette Box

The Sienna Palette Box is a lightweight portable
painting palette that easily attaches to the Sienna Tripod. 

The versatile Palette box can be configured and used in multiple ways.

  • A traditional paining box utilizing the included tempered glass palette. 

  • A pastel box (when the optional pastel grid is added). 

  • A watercolor box (when the optional Sienna watercolor palette is used).

  • A french easel companion (when the tripod clamping blocks are removed).

The Palette Box includes a tempered glass palette and two folding brush holder accessory trays. 

The folding trays also serve as a palette cover to keep your paint protected during transport and are held closed with a clever magnetic latch. 


A 10" x 12" tempered glass palette.

Two 6.5" x 10.5" folding accessory tray brush holders.

Two adjustable tripod clamping blocks allow you to adjust the height of the Palette Box on your tripod. 

The clamping blocks can be easily removed allowing the Palette Box to funcion as a French companion.

Magnetic latch holds the folding the accessory trays in place.


Height: 11.5" (13.5" with the tripod blocks attached)

Width: 13.25" when closed - 26.5" when open

Depth: 1.5"

Net Weight: 4 lbs

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