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Compact Canvas / Panel Holder

The Sienna Compact Canvas/Panel Holder is the latest breakthrough in lightweight plein air painting.

Combined with the Sienna Palette Box, Sienna Tripod, and Ultimate Plein Air Backpack (sold separately), you have a versatile lightweight easy-to-use traveling studio.

The Compact Canvas/Panel Holder can hold stretched canvas and painting panels from 6" up to 20" tall (15 cm to 50 cm)

Rubber canvas holders will securely hold ¾", 1-½", and 2" thick canvas. The panel clips will securely hold ¼" painting panels. 

The Compact Canvas/Panel Holder is secured on a standard 1/4 × 20 tripod ballhead. It attaches in seconds and is adjustable to any angle including flat for watercolor.


The Compact Canvas/Panel holder is slim and light in weight, yet is flexible enough to hold canvases & panels from 6" to 20" tall (15 cm to 50 cm)

Rubber canvas bumpers securely grip the canvas in place and can hold a canvas up to 2" thick (5 cm)

The top canvas holder is designed to pivot slightly to ensure a strong grip on the canvas

Three panel holder clips secure painting panels for easy painting to the edge of the panel.

The adjustment knob on the rear of the Compact Canvas/Panel Holder allow for quick and easy adjustments.

The aluminum mounting plate has standard ¼ × 20 threads and will work with most tripods.

The Compact Canvas/Panel Holders slim profile will easily fit in the Sienna Ultimate Plein Air Backpack. 

The Compact Canvas/Panel Holder is easy to use and sets up in seconds. 

The Compact Canvas/Panel Holder was designed for plein air, but is also perfect for the studio, art class, or workshops.


Length: 12-1/2" (32 cm)
Width: 7" (18 cm)
Depth: 2.5" (6.35 cm)

Net Weight: 1.5 lbs
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