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Pastel Grid
(Palette Box Accessory)

The Pastel Grid transforms the Sienna Palette Box into a portable pastel palette box.

The Pastel Grid kit contains the following:

  • Two protective foam sheets
  • One rear divider rail
  • One front divider rail
  • Three divider strips
  • Assembly instructions


Easily transform the Pallet Box into a Pastel box.

Four compartments to hold a wide variety of pastels and accessories.

Two 1/4" foam sheets will keep your pastels in place and protected.

Easily assembled in seconds. Easily disassembled so the Palette Box can be used for other applications.

Dimensions of Each Pastel Compartment:

length: 9 1/8"

Width: 2 7/8"

Depth: 1/2"

Net Weight: 5 oz

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